Birb Pin

Birb Pin


Custom Birb pins are the best Birb pins.

Get your feathered friend to-go with this custom pin, also available as a charm. Just select the design you want and add a few links of your Birb! The more photos, the better the pin will be!

As a long time Birb owner, I’ve had a hard time finding merchandise that matched my Birbs. Our white cockatiel Zaheer is a lutino but has a massive bald spot and short crest. And our other Birb Luffy is just an adorable mutt to the breeding world. I know I’m not alone in this struggle, and that is what inspired me to start this service!

If you choose the Screechy Birb, or the Business Birb, please clarify what color you would like the perch / suit in the textbox.

Please read the FAQ if this is your first time buying our custom pins. Special situation? Shoot me an email and I will respond asap!

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Are you only doing cockatiels?

At the moment, we are only doing smaller Parrots. These include cockatiels, conures, lorikeets, love birds, and any other Birbs that size. Any bigger Birbs such as macaws and cockatoos, and tiny Birbs like finches and budgies will be available later.

My Birb has _____ , can you include that?

Any unique quality of your Birb will be included. Missing wings or toes, red eyes, bald spots, trimmed or untrimmed wings will be covered.

How big are these?

Depending on the style, these pins range from 1” – 1.75” in any direction.

Why 6 bucks?

All of my other pins are priced at 5, but because these are all made to order, there is a one dollar design fee. If you are looking for a better deal, I recommend going to our 5 pin deal for 24 and get a pin for free! Or you can go for all 9 designs for 40, the regular value being 54, saving 14 bucks!

How long does this take to make?

Since everything is completely handmade, I request that you allow 2-4 days of processing period for the pin to be designed, forged, and sealed correctly.